Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Why do I like the McLaren 570S better then the 650S

Last week, I went to see the beautiful McLaren 570S and I think the 570S are five things better then the 650S.
1. The price of the 570S is $180,000 and it is $90,000 cheaper than the 650S.
2. The interior of the 570S is better then the 650S, no matter the the look, the seats or the display.
3. The exterior of the 570S looks better then the 650S. It has a better looking head lights and tell lights, I also like the design of the door is better.
4. The new design of the 570S makes the driver or passenger easier to getting on or off the car.
5. The new electronic dashboard of the 570S that was similar to the P1, but the 650S does't even have one.

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Mclaren 570S
Mclaren 650S

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Aston Martin vs Bentley

The Aston Martin Vanquish has 565bhp and a top speed of 183mph and goes from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. It's a beast that makes a lovely growling sound. The beautiful Bentley takes 4.4 seconds but has a top speed of 205mph and 600bph. So the Aston is faster to accelerate but the Bentley us just faster. 

The Aston costs $287,820 and the Bentley costs $237,125, so the Aston is $ 50,695 more expensive.

The driving experience of both cars is very smooth. The driving perspective increases because of the low seats. The Bentley has a better driving view and steering and the power comes immediately unlike the Aston.

The interior of the Aston is very modern, like pressing gears. Even though the Bentley has a classical interior it still have many cool functions. I prefer the Aston because of its modern functions.

Overall I think the Bentley wins my heart because of its perfect accelration and steering. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why I should be the next Top Gear presenter

  Now that Jeremy Clarkson has been fired, I think it's the right for me to say why I should be the next Top Gear presenter. First, I have driven many super cars such as Aston Martin Bentley and Porsche. Also, I do know lots about cars, because of playing many Computer and video racing games. I think I am a nice guy that won't punch someone because of the dinner being cold. Next, Top Gear should have a nice young man like me. Last, If I was the presenter, more girls will watch Top Gear!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

'Porsche 911 50th anniversary Edition' vs 'Jaguar F-Type'

The 'Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition' is made in 2014, and 'Jaguar F-Type Coupe S' is made in 2014, too. Both cars are popular sports cars. The 'Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition' is supported by a 430 horse power enigne and  'Jaguar F-Type Coupe S' is supported by a 550 horse power engine. Which of the two cars is better?

Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition:

Jaguar F-Type Coupe S:

The driving experience for both cars is very sexy. The Porsche is smooth and powerful because of the great gearbox. This car is perfect for poeple who like to drive to the mountains. The Jaguar is a beast because of the angry growling sound. This is my English Teacher's favorite car.

The price of the two cars is very different. The 911 is nearly two times the price of the F-Type.The Porsche 911 is $144000 and the Jaguar F-Type is $80000. The Porsche Carrera S is the mosst similar to the 50th Edition and coats about $128000, so you are paying an extra $16000 for the 50th Edition. It is hard to justify paying  an extra $16000 for the 50th Edition, and even harder to justify paying $60000 more for the Poesche than the Jaguar.

The interiors of the two cars are similar. The 911 has a better looking dashboard and the F-Type has a hand grip for the passenger. They also have a similar gear shifter and gear stick.  The boot space of the 911 only has 145 litres, but the F-Type Convertible has 200 litres, and the Coupe has 407 litres. So the F-Type seems to win on the interior.

The Porshe only has one choice of engine, whereas the Jaguar has three types of engine. The Porshe
has a 3.8 liter 6 cylinder engine which generates 394bhp and a top speed of 186mph/h. The Jaguar has a V6, V6S and V8 variant. The V6 engine has 3.0 liters which generates 340bhp, the V6S engine has 3.0 liters which generates 380bhp and the V8 engine has 5.0 liters which generates 550bhp.
The sound of the Porsche is elegent, but the Jaguar is too powerful and noisy. 

So, overall for the engine, driving experience, interior and price, the F-Type wins. 
 So next time we will be comparing the 'Aston Martin Vanpuish' and 'Bentley GTC Speed'