Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Why do I like the McLaren 570S better then the 650S

Last week, I went to see the beautiful McLaren 570S and I think the 570S are five things better then the 650S.
1. The price of the 570S is $180,000 and it is $90,000 cheaper than the 650S.
2. The interior of the 570S is better then the 650S, no matter the the look, the seats or the display.
3. The exterior of the 570S looks better then the 650S. It has a better looking head lights and tell lights, I also like the design of the door is better.
4. The new design of the 570S makes the driver or passenger easier to getting on or off the car.
5. The new electronic dashboard of the 570S that was similar to the P1, but the 650S does't even have one.

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Mclaren 570S
Mclaren 650S

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